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Kids Photography & Video

When photographing kids, I am playful, I like to joke with them... Sometimes I am a super hero or a fairy. Sometimes I just ask a lot of questions and let them take me into their world...

I like them to do their thing. Sometimes they take little breaks and then I re-engage them in the session...

I want them to be themselves... I want to capture their essence, their laughter, their fun, their take on life, those things that even at the shortage already define their personalities...

Here are some of the children I have photographed in the last months. Enjoy!

We're proud to be one of the best in kids photography in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

We've been in the business for 15 years, and we know a thing or two about capturing the spirit of a moment. 
Our team of photographers and videographers will be with you from the moment you meet us till the end of your session day, and we'll capture every moment of joyous occasion for you to cherish in your hearts forever!

Our packages are affordable and flexible, from small kids' packages all the way up to luxury options for those looking for opulence. 

Whether you want a professional photo session or an artistic exploration of your vision for the day, Mha Rodmon Photography Studio is willing and able to capture it all!

Click on Book Now to see our kids packages and deals, or if you prefer to create your own unique package—just click here.

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