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Kids Headshots Photography

From One Month Old to 12 Years Old

  • 2 hr
  • 399 US dollars
  • Customer's Place


ORIGINAL PRICE WAS: $549 (SAVE: $150) No matter how old your kid is, we can make them look great in their headshot photos. We've been specializing in kids' headshots for more than 20 years, and we know the tricks to getting the best shots possible. Our photographers will work with you to choose the right location and time of day, and they'll have your kids laughing and smiling before they know it. We offer both traditional headshots and "acting" headshots that show off your child's personality. We can even help you find the perfect acting agent or casting director to get your kid's career started! In your session you'll get: One Certified Photographer - 5 Professional Photo Editing All High-Resolution Copyrights Released Digital Photo (JPG) Files - One Location Unlimited Photos Captured Private Online Gallery Two Outfits Unlimited Pose Unlimited Revision Pre-Session Consultation - One Person Only Extra Hours: Each Extra 30min is $150 and will add: 5 Professional Photo Editing - Disclaimer: Additional retouched images - $5.99/each Creating Digital Backdrops - $8.99 Extra Outfit- $25 Videographer & makeup artist can be arranged by request We drive from our location up to 50 miles for free. Extra miles are $1/mile Custom retouching available (Removing or changing things) - $25/each photo Due to health and safety concerns, we no longer provide clothing for our photography sessions. We encourage you to do the Pre-session consultation, because it will help us understand what your needs are and make sure that we provide services relevant to those needs


Mha Rodman Photography & Videos (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or “we”) Terms and Conditions The following terms and conditions apply to all photography and videography services provided by the Company for Weddings, Engagement parties, Events, and any other services as agreed upon. BOOKING POLICY AND TRAVEL EXPENSES Travel Distance Parameters: Initial Coverage: When availing of our services, clients can expect that destinations within a 50-mile radius from our primary location will not incur any travel charges. This aims to cater to a broad spectrum of clients who reside or host events closer to our central location. Extended Distance Charges: Beyond the standard 50-mile radius: 51 to 70 miles: An additional fee of $50. 71 to 100 miles: An extra fee of $100. 101 to 200 miles: An added charge of $150. Beyond 200 Miles: Services rendered in such extended distances fall under our destination photography terms. Mileage Calculation Methodology: The mileage will be calculated meticulously using reliable and standard mapping services, taking into account the entire trip from our base location to your venue, and including any detours or stops made at your request. We believe in transparency and will provide a detailed breakdown if there are any extra costs. The final additional invoice, if applicable, will be presented to the client the day after the event. DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHY TERMS AND PRECONDITIONS For those unique and breathtaking locations that might necessitate extended or air travel, please consider the following aspects: Expenses Allocation: Clients must bear in mind that all expenses related to the travel process, which encompasses airfare, lodging, local transportation, and any unforeseen costs, will be their responsibility. Rest and Recuperation: Professional photography and videography demand alertness and creativity. Our team requires 8 hours of undisturbed rest. This ensures that our quality remains uncompromised. Likewise, after the event wraps up, a rest period is mandated before heading back. This is not just a requirement; it is an essential factor in our commitment to delivering high-quality results. SPECIFIC PHOTO AND VIDEO REQUESTS AND REQUIREMENTS Advance Notice Provision: If clients have particular scenes, shots, or moments that hold sentimental or significant value, it's crucial to notify us at least one week ahead. This lead time allows for better planning, scouting, and preparation. Feasibility & Limitations: Any specific requests should be realistic and feasible within the framework of the equipment booked and the time allocated for the event. Artistic Flexibility: In cases where there aren't any specific client mandates, our experienced professionals will use their judgment to capture timeless moments. Trusting our seasoned expertise ensures that the heart and soul of the event are encapsulated. The client acknowledges and agrees to trust the Company’s artistic direction and style. CANCELLATION POLICY AND IMPLICATIONS We understand that life is unpredictable. Events can take unforeseen turns, leading to changes in plans: Generous Notice: Cancellations made well in advance, specifically 120 days or more, will be rewarded with a full refund of the deposit as we appreciate the ample notice provided. Moderate Notice: Cancellations within the 60-120 day bracket will see a 50% refund of the deposit. This policy is in place due to the increasing difficulty in reallocating our resources at shorter notice. Short Notice: Cancellations with less than 60 days notice will unfortunately result in a forfeit of the deposit, as the proximity to the event date might mean we've had to decline other bookings. Last-minute Cancellations: For any cancellations that happen just 48 hours before the event, clients will need to pay the full invoice. This is a reflection of the preparations and commitments we would have undertaken on our end. DATE RESCHEDULING AND ASSOCIATED TERMS Flexibility Assurances: Plans change, and we strive to accommodate. Should there be a need to reschedule, we will endeavor to fit into the new timeline, provided we have availability. Short-notice Changes: Any rescheduling within a 20-day window will be subject to an additional fee, calculated as 20% of the initial cost. This charge accounts for the logistical challenges we face when adapting to such changes. Clashing Bookings: In scenarios where the new date conflicts with an existing booking, this could be equivalent to a cancellation. DEPOSIT MECHANICS AND PAYMENT STRUCTURE Purpose and Functionality: The deposit is a symbolic gesture that cements our professional relationship and ensures that we allocate our resources to your event. It will either be 50% of the total projected cost or a flat fee of $5,000 (whichever is lower), thus offering flexibility for larger and more intricate bookings. LATE PAYMENT POLICY Timely Settlement: Payments are expected by the stipulated invoice date. Delays can lead to additional costs and consequences: Daily Penalty: For every day that payment remains overdue beyond the due date, a recurring fine of $50 accumulates. Extended Delays: Should payments be overdue by more than 30 days, a significant one-time penalty of $1,000 is added to the total owed amount. It's crucial to note that this is in addition to the daily late fee of $50 that continues to accrue. Retention of Deliverables: We take pride in the quality and promptness of our services. However, in cases of non-payment, clients should be aware that no photos or videos will be released. Furthermore, given storage constraints and the costs associated with maintaining large files, if no payment is received within 3 months from the event, we reserve the right to permanently delete the files, emphasizing the importance of timely settlement. Legal Recourse: Non-payment persisting for over 90 days may force us to initiate legal proceedings to recover the owed sums. In such circumstances, clients will be responsible for any ensuing legal costs, which are detailed in the legal fees section of our agreement. We appreciate your collaboration in ensuring a smooth and beneficial partnership. Timely payments allow us to offer the best of our services and maintain the professional standards Mha Rodman Photography & Videos is known for. ADD-ONS We offer a variety of supplementary services to augment your primary photography and videography package. These additional services, termed 'add-ons', may come at an extra cost unless specifically provided as a special promotion or complimentary gesture. It's essential for clients to understand that even services provided as a courtesy or part of a promotion have value and constitute our commitment of time and resources. For instance, complimentary services such as engagement photography or pre-wedding sessions, while given without additional charge, are still valuable offerings on our part. In the event of a cancellation after a client has availed of such an add-on, a charge of $949 will be immediately deducted from their invoice. Any subsequent refunds or payments owed to the client will be processed based on the cancellation policies outlined in this agreement. For a comprehensive list of available add-ons and associated fees, clients are advised to visit the 'Add-Ons' section on our official website. RIGHTS TO IMAGES, VIDEOS AND PROMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDINGS Promotional Understanding: In cases where we offer discounted rates or promotional prices, this is done with the implicit understanding that we can use select images and videos to promote our business. Such promotional activities are integral to our brand's growth and outreach. Selection Authority: While we reserve the right to choose the media, be assured that our selections will be tasteful and reflect the very best of our collaborative efforts. Right of Removal and Compensation Mechanism: We are sensitive to our clients' preferences. If a client wishes to have specific photos or videos removed from any platform, they can make this request by sending a formal email to Upon such a request, clients are required to compensate the Company for the discounted amount initially provided on their invoice. This discount was granted based on the value we perceived in sharing those photos and videos for our promotional purposes. Once the payment equivalent to the discounted amount is received, we commit to removing the specified content from all platforms within 48 hours. This procedure ensures that while clients have control over their media's public display, the Company retains the intended value from the contract. POST-EVENT EDITING AND DELIVERY TIMEFRAMES Editing Period: Understanding that our clients are eager to view their memories, we aim to deliver initial edited versions within 12 weeks of the event. This period allows us to carefully refine every detail, ensuring the best possible quality for your photos and videos. Expedited Delivery: If clients require an expedited service, we offer a priority editing service for an additional fee. This prioritization will guarantee edited versions to be delivered within 2 weeks of the event. Final Products: Our standard package includes both a physical album and a digital gallery. The physical album will be delivered within 12 weeks post-event, while the digital gallery link will be shared upon editing completion. REVISIONS AND CLIENT FEEDBACK We are absolutely thrilled to share your precious moments with you! By navigating to your private album section on our website, you will be able to immerse yourself in a delightful collection of your photos. We wholeheartedly invite you to download them all and cherish them forever. For an optimal experience, we kindly ask you to consider the following guidelines: ​ Editing & Retouching: Due to a high volume of editing requests, kindly ensure you make your photo selections within 20 days of receiving notification of available content to see. Revisions: We offer unlimited revisions for both photos and videos. However, if any adjustments are needed, please inform us within 7 days of receiving notification of available content to see. Beyond this period, edits are deemed accepted, and the content will be finalized. Photo Albums: Before confirming your photo album, diligently verify all text and images, as we cannot accommodate corrections post-printing. The appearance of colors may vary based on your monitor settings. Should you fail to approve the printing within 20 days, we will consider it a cancellation. Subsequent printings will incur additional charges. Storage Duration: As a token of our affection, we will be storing the videos and photos for a period of three months. Due to limitations on our web space, they may need to bid us farewell after this time. We humbly ask for your understanding, as we cannot guarantee their availability beyond the three-month mark. CONSENT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY IN DESIGNATED LOCATIONS When clients engage the services of the Company, they inherently grant permissions regarding the venues and locations specified for the shoot: Access to Specified Locations: The client assures the Company unhindered access to all locations previously agreed upon for photography and videography. This encompasses both public spaces and private properties, including but not limited to homes, rented venues, and other such locations specified by the client. Guest Consent: The client assumes responsibility for obtaining consent from all guests, attendees, or any other individuals present at these locations. By entering into this agreement, the client affirms that all persons being photographed or filmed have granted their permission, and the Company is absolved from any claims or disputes arising from photographing or filming individuals who may be present. Private Property Photography: the Company is granted the right to photograph and film in private areas as specified by the client. This could include inside homes, venues, and other private properties. The client is responsible for notifying and obtaining consent, if necessary, from property owners or managers in advance of the shoot. It's paramount that clients communicate and secure permissions adequately, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow for the photography and videography sessions. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Force Majeure: In scenarios where events are beyond our control, such as natural disasters, strikes, or other unforeseen disruptions, we will not be held accountable for any inability to fulfill our contract. DRONE FILMING POLICY Authority Regulations: In the event that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) prohibits drone flights in a specific area or time, we will not be liable for the inability to use the drone for filming purposes. There will be no refunds provided in cases where the drone is not allowed to fly due to regulations set by the FAA. Venues and Location Fees: All fees associated with venues and locations for drone filming are the sole responsibility of the client. Clients must ensure that all necessary fees are paid and permissions are obtained prior to the session day. Failure to do so may result in the inability to conduct drone filming, and no refunds will be provided for such circumstances. LEGAL FEES AND JURISDICTION Should any disputes arise between the client and the Company that necessitate legal action, the following terms shall apply: Legal and Attorney Fees: The client shall be responsible for all legal fees and attorney costs incurred by both parties, regardless of the outcome of the legal proceedings. This means that even if the client is successful in any legal action, they remain obligated to cover all associated legal and attorney costs. Jurisdiction: All legal actions, suits, or proceedings arising out of or relating to this agreement shall exclusively be brought in courts located in California, regardless of where the client is based or where the service was provided. The client consents to and submits to the jurisdiction of these courts and agrees that venue is proper in these courts in any such legal action or proceeding. Arbitration First: It is mutually agreed that before any legal action is taken, both parties will make a good faith effort to resolve disputes through arbitration. Only if the arbitration process does not result in a satisfactory resolution will the matter be taken to a California court. Limitation on Damages: In the event of any disputes, the Company's liability is strictly limited to the amount paid by the client to the Company for the service in question. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any additional damages, indirect, incidental, or consequential losses. It's in the best interest of both parties to address concerns or disputes amicably and avoid litigation. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients to find mutually acceptable solutions. TERMS UPDATES AND MODIFICATIONS Right to Modify: We reserve the right to update and modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. Continued collaboration post-revisions implies client consent to the updated terms. AGREEMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT By forwarding the deposit, clients indicate their understanding and acceptance of all the terms outlined here. For a comprehensive understanding, clients are encouraged to review this document thoroughly.

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