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Mha Mark Rodman

Crafting Visual Narratives from Tehran to Los Angeles

Embarking on his creative journey in the heart of Tehran in 1998, Mha Mark Rodman nurtured a passion for graphic design, seamlessly branching into the realms of commercial films and animations. His innovative contributions to the artistic world were adorned with accolades, earning him over 12 awards in Iran and international recognition in graphic design. Mha's narrative took a pivotal turn in 2007 when he immersed himself into the expressive worlds of photography and videography, carving a niche with his distinct visual style and storytelling prowess.

A new chapter began in 2012 with Mha’s relocation to the United States, finding fresh canvases and opportunities amidst the vibrant, dynamic backdrop of Los Angeles. Here, "Mha Rodman Photography & Videos" was birthed in 2015. Alongside a meticulously selected team of seasoned professionals, Mha now crafts timeless, deeply personal visual narratives. His company stands not merely as a service but a sanctuary where memories are etched into perpetual stories, masterfully captured and curated in every frame.

Mha Pic.jpg

"We thrive in immortalizing your moments, intertwining them with artistry and genuine emotion. Your stories, perpetually encapsulated through our lenses, find a home at Mha Rodman Photography & Videos, where every frame is a canvas and every capture, a timeless masterpiece."

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